New Look – New Layout – Bonus Content

Welcome! If you are a returning visitor, the site does look different! I’m hoping that the new layout is also easier to use.

Some Changes

  • Student Galleries – These may be found under “HS Teaching Site” and underneath the given course.
  • Old Work – I have removed some ultra old work but kept some goodies under “Past Work”.
  • Recent Work – This is brand new work that I am in the process of continuing. Check back to see my progress.
  • Blog – Actually only cosmetically changed! All the old posts are here. If there are any past dead links please let me know! I’m working hard to make sure all links go to their new homes.

Can’t Find Something? Let me know! Also, let me know how you like the new look!

Thanks for visiting!
Shalanah Backus

Working on it…

I started a Commercial Art site for my high school class, but now I have expanded. It now includes all classes I teach. See it here! (

It is going to take a while, but I am slowly going to upload galleries onto the Waconia Site of student work and make a new – with only my artwork and a link to my teaching site. Goal for summer 2011. But you can see it’s all a work in progress.

-Shalanah Backus

Commercial Art Website


I’m happy to announce that I’ve created a website for my Commercial Art class at Waconia High School. This is the first year I’m trying to go all online with the class projects, galleries and calendar. Check it out! It is being updated weekly and sometime this week I’ll be putting up student work galleries!

-Shalanah Backus

Artist/Art Historian Website


I had the pleasure of creating Dr. Wayne Roosa’s artist/art historian website. His website reflects these dual hats of artist and art historian including books, publications and art essays, as well as, images and statements about his art. I am also definitely a proud owner of one of his “Idea of Order” (specifically No. XI) prints. Check it out!

-Shalanah Backus

Midway Driving School Website Design Completed


Check out Midway Driving School ( which I have been working on to design and code for the last month or so. I’m excited for its unveiling. Our last step is working with some SEO experts but we’re hitting the home-stretch.

Midway specializes in teaching nervous drivers and ESL services. They help prepare adults for taking the road exam, provide vehicles, and pick drivers up for free for their lessons. Midway serves the Twin Cities Metro area and could not be run by a nicer person. I had the pleasure to work with Tony Ryan on the site taking feedback and having fun coffee meetings and not to mention he has the ability to make the most amazing shots with the smallest angles in broomball! Check it out!

CBE Website Completed… Release the Balloons!

I have worked for CBE since Oct. 2007 part time and full time during the years as I subbed and taught at Waconia High School. About 1 year ago we began working on the website process and it took 1 year almost exactly to see its completion (some bumps on the road – we switched developers entirely), but now it is here! My first major website design! It really is great because CBE’s previous site was designed in 1996, and while it was good for the time it got increasing large and hard to manage. I did the complete design from text to images to shell and Datafire Group did all our coding for us. Our CMS system is Drupal. Hope you like!

> Take a look at CBE’s new website!
> And if you want a website designed or refreshed conact me.

-Shalanah Backus