Water Etching with Mod Podge – A New Obsession

I am always looking for new ideas for ceramics. It is just one of those mediums that inspires experimentation. I have recently signed up for the fantastic newsletter from Ceramics Art Daily and came across this demo on water etching. Since I’m not a big fan of wax or shellack for high school students, I wasn’t so sure if I’d be doing water etching in the near future. But I, was definitely wrong. The folks at Atlanta Clay have done a spectacular job showing off this great technique using Mod Podge. I bought 1 gallon of it at Dick Blick ($30-$40 or so) and I’m pretty sure it will last me all school year too.

Check out this awesome demo. I am incorporating mod podge water etching soon. I’ll for-sure post the results!

-Shalanah Dawson

Foci Glass Blowing Field Trip

Amy Fischer – art teacher at Waconia High School – arranges an Art Honor Society field trip every year, and it is always a pleasure to come along. The highlight for many of us this year was the stop at the FOCI Minnesota Center for Glass Arts in an old General Mills distribution center.

Craig J. Campbell first showed us some of the properties of glass by stretching it all the way across the room and shattering it when it wasn’t cooled properly with small pressure applied to it. You can see his work here.

They also offer courses that are very reasonably priced. Check it out!

– Shalanah Backus


Working on it…

I started a Commercial Art site for my high school class, but now I have expanded. It now includes all classes I teach. See it here! (http://www.waconia.shalanah.com)

It is going to take a while, but I am slowly going to upload galleries onto the Waconia Site of student work and make a new shalanah.com – with only my artwork and a link to my teaching site. Goal for summer 2011. But you can see it’s all a work in progress.

-Shalanah Backus

Happy Halloween! – A Painted Pumpkin

My school is running a painted pumpkin contest for students and staff. Here is my contribution — Bowser from Mario Brothers. I thought it would be fitting to pick Bowser because I will be Mario this year. Stay tuned… there might be a carved pumpkin on its way as well!

-Shalanah Backus