Brain Health Fair Photography

American Academy of Neurology puts on an awesome free public event every year called the Brain Health Fair. This coincides with AAN’s rotating Annual Meeting. This year it was held in Washington DC. One of the cool things I get to do at AAN, besides graphic design and front end development, is the occasional event photography. And what a fun event to photograph! Here are some highlights.










15AM-BrainHealthFair_8269 3

15AM-BrainHealthFair_8060 3




Grant at the Fineline – Concert Photography

I’m excited to take photos more often at my husband’s musics gigs ( I started with Grant at the Fineline this past weekend. He can be seen here playing keys with John Kurtis Dehn on guitar and August Ogren-Dehn on drums. Fun night of music! It was difficult to get the right lighting for sure! But here are couple I think that turned out. Enjoy 🙂

Color Run Photography

I was one of the Color Run photographers this weekend, and they were kind enough to let me use a few of the photos to show on the web. If you want a copy of race pictures by race photographers – who took photos before, during and after the race – go to Zazoosh. They might not be up yet, but they will be soon! Enjoy this small sampling till then 🙂 .