Midway Driving School New Website – More to come :)

Midway Driving School - Nervous Drivers ESL Behind-the-Wheel Minnesota Website

Tony Ryan and I have been working on a new website for Midway Driving School. Could not meet a nicer man — or someone with a better left-side broomball shot! His company specializes in helping nervous adult drivers or ESL (English as a Second Language) students with adult behind the wheel driving hours in the Twin Cities (Saint Paul and Minneapolis), Rochester and Duluth Minnesota. The site was redesigned with WordPress to make it easier as time goes on to create new looks without losing content. Take a look! We’ll be adding more content as the summer progresses.

-Shalanah Dawson

MCAD Continuing Studies Silk Screen Class

As a birthday present, Grant treated me to any class I wanted to sign up for (art or sports related). I immediately started checking out classes on printmaking. I found an awesome class offered by Continuing Studies at MCAD. For four Saturday mornings, from 9:30am-12:30pm, I got to learn how to be a better silk screener! I loved it. Below are some examples.

Lips : 2 Color Freezer Paper Stencil
Animal Cookie Cutters : Rubylith and Opaque Markers on Acetate (Photo Emulsion)
Spiral Me (1 Screen) : Photo Emulsion Blend Pull (Orange to Blue)
Spiral Me (2 Screens) : Photo Emulsion Blend Pull (Blue to Green) and Black Key Pull
Venison : 3 Color Photo Emulsion (I’m a vegetarian, but Grant wants to hang this piece at his hunting camp. Go figure. 🙂 )

Shalanah Backus Continuing Studies Silk Screens

– Shalanah Backus


Local Art Museums & Centers: Minnesota Center for the Book Arts Field Trip

logo1Amy Fischer, the art teacher from Waconia, asked if I’d like to chaperon a field trip with her NAHS students (National Arts Honor Society). I’m so glad she asked! It was a wonderful day and I have a new museum to plug!

First stop was MCBA (Minnesota Center for the Book Arts) and wow! I love the place! The space is terrific, big expanses of space, clean, rustic (they leave some of the old existing building structure within their remodeling), and it is filled with art (even the gift shop is filled with handmade bound books and prints)!

Their classes are great too! The students took a class on paper making. They had the choice of embossing their paper as well as adding elements on top (bits of newspaper/magazine paper, bits of dried plants, and thread). It was organized so well! Loved it. I will be back for a tour and hopefully a class or two! I would highly suggest it!

What are your favorite art museums and centers? Write your reviews.

-Shalanah Backus