Mutuality – EPA Awards 2009 Most Improved Magazine

Mutuality Before and After (Covers from 2007 and 2008)
Mutuality Before and After (Covers from 2007 and 2008)

The EPA (Evangelical Press Association) just held its annual awards in Indianapolis this last weekend. CBE did quite well! Winning 5 awards total.

One of those awards was second place in awards category “Higher Goals Awards” and “Most Improved Publication”. Above is an image of 2 covers from the year 2007 (in blue) and 2 covers that I designed from 2008. I worked with the editor Megan and saw many changes implemented throughout the publication. On the outside CBE choose to no longer used a template for image placement, but we continued to use as much real art as much as possible but now, only the highest quality. The paper changed to a glossy finish with full bleeds. Also, I helped with some design templates inside for the editors column and a prayers page. Another designer worked on the inside of Mutuality and was given a lot of freedom in design and increased the margins to allow for more white space. Not to mention our great printers, Printing Arts, They print all our Mutuality Magazines.

All in all, I am thrilled to be a part of the collaboration to win this award!

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-Shalanah Backus

Design & Layout of Book Published

Still Side by Side – by Janet George
Cover Design and Page Layout – Shalanah Backus

I’m happy to announce my first book design and layout has been published. Currently it is available as a digital download, but soon it will be in print too! The cover and back cover were designed using Photoshop and the inside pages were designed using InDesign.

This book was published by CBE and promotes the shared leadership of males and females in relationships and leadership by giftedness within the church and workplace (not by sex) from a theological viewpoint. Janet George covers several difficult topics and many commonly asked questions about leadership.

-Shalanah Backus