Kirk Freeman Pottery Website Launch

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Very excited to announce the website launch of . Kirk Freeman is a potter and was my ceramics professor (a really excellent and funny one too) at Bethel University. Definitely take a look at his work – it’s stunning.

The design was based off of a free WordPress theme where I altered the CSS and PHP to fit Kirk’s website goals. CMS is the way to go.

– Shalanah Backus

Artist/Art Historian Website


I had the pleasure of creating Dr. Wayne Roosa’s artist/art historian website. His website reflects these dual hats of artist and art historian including books, publications and art essays, as well as, images and statements about his art. I am also definitely a proud owner of one of his “Idea of Order” (specifically No. XI) prints. Check it out!

-Shalanah Backus

Midway Brochure Design


I was asked to work on a brochure for Midway Driving School that mimicked the style of their new website I redesigned. The company wanted to make sure that they could print it in house – which is always an important thing to know! I made sure that: 1. There were no bleeds 2. The ink was minimal 3. The brochure looked professional 4. It was cohesive with the website appearance. A difficult act to balance, but the end result printed without a hitch. Take a look at the final product above.

-Shalanah Backus

Midway Driving School Website Design Completed


Check out Midway Driving School ( which I have been working on to design and code for the last month or so. I’m excited for its unveiling. Our last step is working with some SEO experts but we’re hitting the home-stretch.

Midway specializes in teaching nervous drivers and ESL services. They help prepare adults for taking the road exam, provide vehicles, and pick drivers up for free for their lessons. Midway serves the Twin Cities Metro area and could not be run by a nicer person. I had the pleasure to work with Tony Ryan on the site taking feedback and having fun coffee meetings and not to mention he has the ability to make the most amazing shots with the smallest angles in broomball! Check it out!

Grant Dawson Music Site Launched – A WordPress Design

image-09 18-48-08

Check out Grant’s new site! Grant was living in Houston, TX and moving up to Minnesota. He had created a small following while in TX and I encouraged him to create a website and a myspace page so his fans from TX could follow him even though he was moving to the Twin Cities. As time went on, he outgrew his first site, and we had some better images to work from. We decided on a blog-based design. Blog designs are great because they allow for easy updates without knowing code and as time goes on, provide a very easy platform for redesign too.

Our process, in particular, was very cost-effective. I gave Grant about 10+ choices of free WordPress layouts. After he chose one, I tweaked it by adding a banner with background, changing link colors, and adding widgets he would use for music, contact, photos, and gigs. The great part is now he can update these on his own while blogging about shows, music or concerts while have fan input. I could not have been more happy with the process, and since I was paid per hour it worked out quite well for Grant too.

His music is great so check it out! And keep on the look-out, he’s coming out with an album this fall.

> Grant Dawson’s Website
> Shalanah’s Design Gallery

-Shalanah Backus