Illustration Class Update Part 1 (MCAD Continuing Studies)

I am really enjoying my Illustration class at MCAD this summer. I was, at first, very hesitant to take such a class because I’ve never considered myself to be a very good illustrator; however, I have found it really great for exercising my creative muscles. I’ve also enjoyed having “assignments” again, because they really do open your mind to other problem solving techniques. See what I’ve been working on so far 🙂 .

“Overheard in New York” inspired artwork in pen and India ink.
My quote went something like this, “Honey, flamingos don’t actually do anything.” It was apparently said from a mother to son in Central Park.

Opposing Point of View on scratch board used Photoshop to add text and text ornaments.
I skipped showing my first opinion piece because I thought it wasn’t my favorite work. My first opinion piece focused on nuns in America being singled out and persecuted by the Vatican. The following week’s assignment was to flip and create a work that displays the opposing viewpoint. I thought about how the Vatican must think of these nuns as rule breakers, not much unlike unruly school children.

Valentine’s Day Card in Illustrator.
I changed this assignment to be an anniversary card. Grant’s and my 1st year anniversary is this July. We met about 5.5 years ago at Como Park in St. Paul in the warming house before a broomball game. I was wearing a red hat.

20 stories in 60 minutes in Illustrator and Photoshop.
My image was inspired by the first 2 minute story in the NPR piece but definitely took some privileges on what I decided to illustrate.

Bestiary Assignment

Click on the image above to see more students’ work from Crosswinds Middle School.


Work here is done by 7-8th graders but I believe almost any age loves mixing up animals!

Paper (Size is up to you! I did 9 x 6.), Pencils, Erasers

To combine at least 3 animals from a packet of drawn animals in either body parts or texture. You may also do this online (finding animals). Students first decide on what animals they will mix up by writing them down. Then they do a rough light sketch with circles, rectangles, and triangles to fit the animal to the whole piece of paper. The student then draws outlines of animal more carefully with details. Texture in the form of hair/scales/or even smoothness is added along in the direction of the animal’s body and with a sun to dictate where the texture will be darker or lighter.

1. Lightly sketch (using the whole paper) 3 combinations of animals
• These can be parts of animals, eyes, noses, texture, horns, tails, or even people!
2. Finalize sketch lightly adding detail like texture
3. Use shading and a light source to make the animal come alive!

Graded on:
Filled up space well
Used three animals seamlessly
Added Value correctly
Had at least one texture (hair, smooth, feathers, scales)
Neatness (no smudges on paper)
Answering reflection questions thoughtfully

Bestiary PowerPoint – Brief PowerPoint on Definition of Bestiary and some images.
Animal Packet – Mix of online animal images for students to draw off of. Make your own if you wish.
Absolute Astronomy Bestiary Page – Brief definition of bestiary and encyclopedia article website
The Medieval Bestiary – Great site with images, definition, stories check it out!

-Shalanah Backus