Package Design – Illustration Class Update Part 3

Ever since my fingers were nimble enough, I have loved making friendship bracelets. It was a summer hobby as a kid and even recently I have stumbled upon finger weaving (which is great as well). So when we were asked to create a package design for an item that had been “neglected” by old or uninspired design, I knew my product right away – embroidery floss. Take a look at the idea below. I know there really is no market for this more elaborate packaging, but it was a lot of fun to create. The artwork was done using scratch board and the mock-up was created using Photoshop.


Illustration Class Update Part 2

For this assignment, we were asked to create a portrait illustration of a 1960’s person and an object that goes with the person in some way. I chose Rachel Carson. She was a biologist who wrote about DDT and its affect on wildlife in her book “Silent Spring”. My first attempt combined both the object and a portrait of her (left) and in my second attempt (right two) I created little “icons” that could work in a website or as a favicon. All were created using Illustrator.

Illustration Class Update Part 1 (MCAD Continuing Studies)

I am really enjoying my Illustration class at MCAD this summer. I was, at first, very hesitant to take such a class because I’ve never considered myself to be a very good illustrator; however, I have found it really great for exercising my creative muscles. I’ve also enjoyed having “assignments” again, because they really do open your mind to other problem solving techniques. See what I’ve been working on so far 🙂 .

“Overheard in New York” inspired artwork in pen and India ink.
My quote went something like this, “Honey, flamingos don’t actually do anything.” It was apparently said from a mother to son in Central Park.

Opposing Point of View on scratch board used Photoshop to add text and text ornaments.
I skipped showing my first opinion piece because I thought it wasn’t my favorite work. My first opinion piece focused on nuns in America being singled out and persecuted by the Vatican. The following week’s assignment was to flip and create a work that displays the opposing viewpoint. I thought about how the Vatican must think of these nuns as rule breakers, not much unlike unruly school children.

Valentine’s Day Card in Illustrator.
I changed this assignment to be an anniversary card. Grant’s and my 1st year anniversary is this July. We met about 5.5 years ago at Como Park in St. Paul in the warming house before a broomball game. I was wearing a red hat.

20 stories in 60 minutes in Illustrator and Photoshop.
My image was inspired by the first 2 minute story in the NPR piece but definitely took some privileges on what I decided to illustrate.

Graphic Design Donation to PADS. – Helping Kenyan Girls Go to School

Since it is summer and class is out, I’ve been itching to do some graphic design. A good college friend of mine, Megan Greulich, contacted me about helping her set up a domain name and WordPress site for a fundraising project she had in mind. Since all the proceeds of her project go straight to the cause, and she was putting her own money into the website, I thought it was the perfect time to donate some design.

Charity Kroeker, Megan’s co-worker and founder of the idea, came across AFRIpads after visiting a town in Kenya. She noticed that girls were not attending school, or even in some cases dropping out, simply because they did not have adequate feminine products. In order to make a direct difference in the town she visited, she started PADS. – Perfect Attendance Dignity Squad – to raise money for the 1,315 female students to have the feminine products they need for a whole year. All the raised donations will go straight to the town through AFRIpads.

Under a very tight deadline, I worked on three posters, cleaned up the logo and put together the graphics for the WordPress site.

Take a look! And donate! It only takes $6.50 to help 1 Kenyan girl for a full year!

Have a good summer!
-Shalanah Dawson

CBE Website Completed… Release the Balloons!

I have worked for CBE since Oct. 2007 part time and full time during the years as I subbed and taught at Waconia High School. About 1 year ago we began working on the website process and it took 1 year almost exactly to see its completion (some bumps on the road – we switched developers entirely), but now it is here! My first major website design! It really is great because CBE’s previous site was designed in 1996, and while it was good for the time it got increasing large and hard to manage. I did the complete design from text to images to shell and Datafire Group did all our coding for us. Our CMS system is Drupal. Hope you like!

> Take a look at CBE’s new website!
> And if you want a website designed or refreshed conact me.

-Shalanah Backus

Mutuality – EPA Awards 2009 Most Improved Magazine

Mutuality Before and After (Covers from 2007 and 2008)
Mutuality Before and After (Covers from 2007 and 2008)

The EPA (Evangelical Press Association) just held its annual awards in Indianapolis this last weekend. CBE did quite well! Winning 5 awards total.

One of those awards was second place in awards category “Higher Goals Awards” and “Most Improved Publication”. Above is an image of 2 covers from the year 2007 (in blue) and 2 covers that I designed from 2008. I worked with the editor Megan and saw many changes implemented throughout the publication. On the outside CBE choose to no longer used a template for image placement, but we continued to use as much real art as much as possible but now, only the highest quality. The paper changed to a glossy finish with full bleeds. Also, I helped with some design templates inside for the editors column and a prayers page. Another designer worked on the inside of Mutuality and was given a lot of freedom in design and increased the margins to allow for more white space. Not to mention our great printers, Printing Arts, They print all our Mutuality Magazines.

All in all, I am thrilled to be a part of the collaboration to win this award!

> Read about more EPA awards here.
> CBE’s Mutuality publication

-Shalanah Backus