Two Great Sites on Learning Responsive Design

I was wandering the web looking for some inspiration for my next web design project, and I was amazed at how some sites responded well – and like magic – to any window size I made with my browser. I first noticed it on Smashing Magazine’s site (give it a try) and then very noticeably on CSS-Tricks (really quite well thought out). This is, of course, in reaction to our many tablets, large flat screens and tiny mobile phones. So I dedicated about 30 minutes a day for a couple weeks to learn about it.

I mostly relied on Fluid Grids by Ethan Marcotte and How to get started with Responsive Web Design by Ryan Boudreaux. For Ryan Boudreaux’s article, make sure you follow it all the way with the media queries and the images portion! I enjoyed both of these because they are step-by-step, you can even follow along and make your own test site. Happy coding!

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