Trending… Art Poster – Know the Warning Signs of Art

This poster seems to be working its way through creative circles recently, just thought I’d add to it! Here is a poster created by Philbrook Museum of Art. My favorite is “How long have you been photoshopping?” Reminds me of public service ads of the 90’s (when I was growing up).

Origami Documentary

I have always loved origami; ever since kindergarten, when I learned how to fold fortune tellers. There is something so fun and satisfying about bringing an object to life just from one square sheet of paper. This Thanksgiving weekend, my husband suggested that we watch a documentary called “Between the Folds”. It is an excellent film about all aspects of origami – the creation, the many artistic viewpoints, the mathematical and physical complexities and their real world applications. I highly recommend it!

History of Feminism in an Art Comic & Movie

I arrived early to a broomball game at Augsburg’s Ice Arena so I decided to take a stroll down to the UofM Katherine E. Nash Gallery. They had work on display by Lynn Hershman Leeson. I greatly enjoyed my time in college where I got the chance to study the feminist art movement. Lynn Hershman Leeson had several artworks/exhibits on display. But I particularly love the comic book !Women Art Revolution by Spain Rodriguez that accompanies her movie about the rise of the feminist art movement. The comic book is so awesome because it quickly recounts the movement as it started and grew in a very understandable and witty way. I’m very impressed with the power of comics as teaching tools.

Here is an excerpt from the movie, by Lynn but was not on display, about how difficult it was to battle sexism and break into the art world. This clip is all-ages-friendly but the movie is suited for older audiences.

Mod Podge – First Water Etching Examples

Some of my students have finished their mod podge water etched vases, and I was just too excited to wait… So… here are some of our first attempts! I like water etching without any glaze – just the texture.

The students first had to construct his/her vases out of thin cardboard. Then they put the vases together with clay. They applied mod podge to at least two sides (of their potential 4 vase faces). These two designed sides were inversions of each other (mod podge was switched in application).

We applied the mod podge in the leather hard stage, let it dry, then gently used a damp sponge to wipe off the non-resisted parts of the clay. So fun! See the video that inspired it all here!