Wisconsin Triathlon Pictures

Grant and I were invited to participate in a close friend’s triathlon (which was really fun!). Grant competed and I thought for the first year it would be fun to take photographs instead. Action photography is hard and you just have to be ready to take a lot of pictures. The major difficulties are focus (because of the speed and direction) and variable light because I was moving from one spot to the next. I really enjoyed it, and it was a great refresher for me on sports photography. For the  photo nerds: using Nikon D300, 80-200mm lens with 2.8 aperture, and 2000 shutter speed, 200 ISO for beach and 1600 ISO for bike/run.

Here are some of the highlights.

– Shalanah Dawson

Easy Mac 5 Color Screen and Lounging People 2 Color

Here are some recent screen prints from this summer in Open Edition at MCAD. I think I would like to do a series of the Easy Macs in the near future. It was, however, a long road to completion. I completed 1 whole run of 3 color failures before redoing it to the final below. The Lounging People however was a pretty quick edition especially because registration didn’t need to be perfect. Hope you enjoy!

Easy Mac Print and Two Details
Lounging People


– Shalanah Dawson

Principles of Art Zazzle Poster

Principles of Art print

Here it is. I’m sure I’ll do a couple iterations of this one (excluding the neon colors 🙂 ) But it was fun to create. Look at it or buy here.

-Shalanah Dawson

Elements of Art New Poster Design Zazzle

Elements of Art Poster print
So it is back to school time (almost) and I was visiting with the other art teacher (she is also the department head) this past week. I noticed in my room that several of my Elements of Art posters were ripped and in bad shape from falling and the summer cleaning process. I love the content on the posters; however, they are impossible to read for students from far away except for the titles (line, shape, form, color, texture, space and value). I thought it is about time that I just redesign these for learning and economy. So here it is! I hope other art teachers enjoy and use it as well. My next poster to tackle is the Principles of Art and to put up some throwing on the wheel guides. So stay tuned!

-Shalanah Dawson

Cameo Inspired 5-Color Silk Screen

I am taking a class this summer at MCAD called “Open Edition”. It is ten weeks long where printmakers may use the MCAD facilities, learn new print techniques and even create an edition for a themed book/body of work. This session’s theme was “Facades”. I drew inspiration from the Ringling Museum of Art in Sarasota Florida. There were several large marble cameos by Augustus Saint-Gaudens that I quite enjoyed, so I decided to try and create one as a print. The image itself comes from a portrait from my wedding.  It was really challenging getting the right colors on the paper because silk screen ink looks very different when dry (usually much darker). I was constantly checking the ink and waiting for my washed screens to dry to start a new color test. The dimensions of the paper are 8″ x 10″. See the process below!

– Shalanah Dawson