Midway Driving School New Website – More to come :)

Midway Driving School - Nervous Drivers ESL Behind-the-Wheel Minnesota Website

Tony Ryan and I have been working on a new website for Midway Driving School. Could not meet a nicer man — or someone with a better left-side broomball shot! His company specializes in helping nervous adult drivers or ESL (English as a Second Language) students with adult behind the wheel driving hours in the Twin Cities (Saint Paul and Minneapolis), Rochester and Duluth Minnesota. The site was redesigned with WordPress to make it easier as time goes on to create new looks without losing content. Take a look! We’ll be adding more content as the summer progresses.

-Shalanah Dawson

Ringling Museum of Art (Honeymoon)

Hockney-like photo of Ringling Art Museum

Grant and I are having a great time in Sarasota, FL on our honeymoon. We were so excited to have stopped at the Ringling Museum of Art. We were also fortunate that it was Thursday when we decided to go because of their discounted rates and extended hours.

The grounds at Ringling are extensive and beautiful. There are several destinations: art museum, summer home, circus museum, rose garden, theater and a walk along the Gulf of Mexico. I particularly enjoyed the art museum. The galleries were intimate and numerous. They housed a spectrum of art from late Middle Ages to modern times and even some Late Dynasty jade.

My favorite part of the exhibit was discovering an artwork by Giuseppe Arcimboldo created in the late 1500’s. I love how whimsical and modern his paintings feel. Now-a-days, to complete an artwork like this, it would most certainly would be aided by Photoshop. Pretty cool stuff!

– Shalanah Dawson

Daniel Taylor: A Writer, Speaker and Traveler — New Website!

Hooray! Daniel Taylor’s website wordtaylor.com, a mix of his multifaceted interests, is up and running! He is a writer, speaker and traveler. I love reading his blog and skimming through the amazing photographs from his trips as a Professor at Bethel University and independently as a travel guide. There is a whole lot more, check it out!

-Shalanah Dawson