Grant Dawson – Spellbound Way Digipak Design

Graphic design is challenging (in that it takes some time!) but also can be extremely rewarding. A graphic designer can see his/her work in print but also can see it help careers and dreams of others come to fruition. Grant Dawson and I were at a gallery opening at Form + Content in Minneapolis this summer when Grant pointed to one of the prints and said, “I would love to have that image as my first album cover.” The artist was a college professor of mine, Wayne Roosa, and just in time for the album design Wayne was all on board with using it for Grant’s CD. We were truly excited. I was happy to work with such great artwork as I designed the layout of the digipak.

Grant Dawson’s Spellbound Way has been out for 2-3 months now on CD, CD Baby, and iTunes. Wayne Roosa will have a website up in February of 2010 (will be

-Shalanah Backus

Midway Brochure Design


I was asked to work on a brochure for Midway Driving School that mimicked the style of their new website I redesigned. The company wanted to make sure that they could print it in house – which is always an important thing to know! I made sure that: 1. There were no bleeds 2. The ink was minimal 3. The brochure looked professional 4. It was cohesive with the website appearance. A difficult act to balance, but the end result printed without a hitch. Take a look at the final product above.

-Shalanah Backus